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Coffee Selection


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International 3-Pack Bundle (8oz bags)

For everyone outside of the U.S. you now have the option to order our 8oz bags directly online. This is the best deal for shipping that we could find. The $45.00 USD includes shipping whether you live in Canada, the UK, Sweden, Australia, Chile, or anywhere else.

When you fill out the form be sure to let us know which 3 of the following coffees you want: Guatemala Cubulco, Colombia Nariño, Bike Park Blend (Guatemala + Colombia), Honduras Guama Danta Reserve, and Trail Builders Blend (Honduras + Colombia).


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Our Coffee

Our Coffee

Mountain Biking Meets Coffee


Country: Guatemala. Region: Cubulo. Farm: Las Anonas, Las naranjas, La esperanza, Grano de Oro, Finca las Piedras and other small farms. Varietals: Catuai, Pache-San Ramon, Sarchimor, Bourbon, Caturra. Notes: Dark Chocolate, Citrus Fruit, Herb-like. Body: Medium. Acidity: Bright. Elevation: 1600-1800m. Processing: Washed.

Finca Las Naranjas is owned by Don Ruben Ajualip Gonzalez. He has been one of the most important collaborators in the project. Don Ruben inherited his farm from his father some years ago, but it was in 2005 when the coffee crop started to improve. The farm is located in Caserio Chuachacalte and has an area of 2.45 HAs of which, all is planted with coffee. His family also produces corn and beans for their own consumption. Finca Las Anonas, owned by Don Pascual Teletor, is also a strong contributor to this lot. The farm is located in the village of Chimacho in Cubulco. Don Pascual is also one of the most collaborative producers in the Volcafe Way group. Don Pascual used to live and work in the U.S., but he always wanted to come back to Cubulco to become a coffee producer. He currently has a plot of 8.4 HAs of which 1.45 HAs are planted with coffee. Besides coffee he also has other crops, such as beans and corn, for his own consumption.

COLOMBIA Excelso Gran Galope

Country: Colombia. Region: Huila. Farm: Various smallholder farmers. Varietals: Castillo, Caturra, Colombia. Notes: Toffee, lemon and caramel; sweet with big tart acidity and a smooth mouthfeel. Elevation: 1200-2000m. Processing: Washed.

Bike park blend

Bike parks are an integral part of the mountain biking scene. From world-class sites like Whistler in British Columbia to Rotorua in New Zealand (and everything in between) there is no other experience like days on end of lift-assisted runs, big air, cramped hands, sketchy rocky lines, massive berms, drops, smiles, high-fives, whoops, and crashes ... this is what bike parks are all about. Instead of naming this coffee blend after one particular trail or park we wanted to dedicate it to all bike parks out there. Thank you for being rad.

The Bike Park Blend consists of 50% Guatemala + 50% Colombia. See descriptions above.

honduras el pelón

Region: El Pelón. Producer: Cristina Lara. Varietals: Catuaí, IHCAFE90, Lempira. Notes: plum, honeydew melon and pear. Body: Heavy. Acidity: Balanced. Processing: Washed. Elevation: 1350m.

Cristina Lara and the other 5 members of her household are growing coffee on a plot of just under 5 hectares in El Pelón, a community in the Department of Intibucá, just a few miles up the road from Marcala. She’s been growing coffee for eighteen years.

Cristina Lara is growing the classic Latin American Catuaí, a Brazilian hybrid of Mundo Novo (itself a spontaneous hybrid of Bourbon and Typica) and Caturra (a dwarf mutation of Bourbon). Catuaí, while well-loved for its vigor, yield, and short stature, is unfortunately susceptible to rust. To address this, Honduras’ IHCAFE (Instituto Hondureño del Café) bred cultivars for resistance, resulting in (among others) Lempira and IHCAFE90, both of which are grown by Cristina Lara. These are independently developed Catimors, both being the result of unique crosses of the Timor Hybrid and Caturra. Both have been deemed susceptible to rust in recent years, having fallen victim to the fungus’ uncanny ability to evolve.

Trail Builders BLEND

You've heard of the adage "no dig, no ride." Trails don't get built by themselves. Sure, in times past mountain bikers used to ride old cattle or horse trails which would eventually become designated mountain bike trails but they are a far cry from the meticulously hand-crafted (and machine-crafted) trails of today. There has never been a better time to be a mountain biker than right now. As much of that is related to technological advancements in the bike industry the same can be said for trail building (and maintenance) techniques. So we wanted to dedicate a coffee to all of you who spend endless hours shoveling, digging, smoothing, and raking our trails. Thank you.

The Trail Builders Blend consists of 50% Honduras + 50% Colombia. See descriptions above.

Mexico Unión JuáreZ Jade Centennial

Region: Unión Juárez, Chiapas. Producer: Finca San Carlos, Alfred Klein. Varietals: Unknown jade colored variety. Notes: Peach, caramel, dried fruit. Processing: Fully washed after pulping, fermented underwater for 48 hours, then soaked for 48 hours in clean spring water, and finally dried in the sun on patios and raised beds. Elevation: 1100-1350m.

Alfred Klein’s profound love for “a little patch of earth” and years of hard work restoring his coffee farm made this incredibly delicious coffee possible. Finca San Carlos is located in Unión Juárez, a city on the western slope of Volcán Tacaná. The volcano is mostly located in Guatemala, and the city of Unión Juárez could hardly be closer to the Guatemalan border if it tried. The farm belongs to Alfred Klein, who purchased it from the Hotzen family, the original owners who have owned the land since 1896. Royal Coffee importers partnered with Klein and provided financing for the transaction.

Jade Centennial refers to the deeper than usual hue of the coffee and the hundred-year history of the farm. A parcel of the farm called Centenario is home to many of the trees, and on the parcel a hand-carved Mayan jade figurine was unearthed. The trees were planted on the farm by a Guatemalan worker who claimed to have brought the seedlings from Quetzaltenango.

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 Loam Coffee Insulated Travel Mug

Just like your bike carries you down the trail in style so should your coffee mug carry your coffee. Introducing Liquid Hardware's Aurora Travel Coffee Mug, a timeless bottle that will help you enjoy your coffee that much more. Because it's vacuum insulated it’ll keep your favorite brew piping hot for hours (or cold, if you like it iced) and the magnetic lid means no more dropped tops or holding on to one while someone behind the counter fills your coffee mug. The Aurora™ is designed to be a leak-proof coffee mug and to make sure we design a Double Stop™ flip lid to have twice the sealing power and we also made sure it's extremely easy to clean.