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When you fill out the form be sure to let us know which 3 of the following coffees you want: Eskapee (Mexico Comalapa Regional Select), Guatemala Candelaria, Colombia Huila Garźon, Bike Park Blend (Guatemala + Colombia), Honduras Guama Danta Reserve, and Trail Builders Blend (Honduras + Colombia).


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Our Coffee

Our Coffee

Mountain Biking Meets Coffee


Country: Guatemala. Region: Huehuetenango is located in northwestern Guatemala and has coffee growing areas at altitudes up to 2,000 meters above sea level. Coffee is here is mainly produced by smallholders, who are very careful to pick ripe, uniform cherries and follow good wet-milling practices. The region is known for its various microclimates, well-distributed rains, good soil conditions and adequate humidity; all of which have further helped it to become one of the most important coffee regions in Guatemala.

Farm: Finca Joya Grande, Finca Colomba, Finca la Maravilla and other smaller farms.. Varietals: Caturra, Bourbon, Catuai, Typica, Pacamara. Notes: Berry, Caramel, Stonefruit. Body: Heavy. Acidity: Medium. Elevation: 1600-1800m. Processing: Washed. Harvest Time: January–February 2017.


Country: Colombia. Region: Huila is currently the largest producer of coffee in Colombia. However, its development was unconventional and unlike other regions such as Antioquia, Santander or Cundinamarca. Abundant labor from Huila, traveled to traditional coffee producing provinces to work as pickers. When they returned to their homeland, they brought not only money, but also coffee beans and knowledge. The Municipality of Garzón is located in the center of Huila Province. With 6838 coffee farms and 8508 hectares dedicated to coffee farming, Garzón’s economy centers around coffee. Coffee comprises 45% of the agro income in the region, and 78% of the labor for the locals. The average farm size is 3.5 hectares, but average coffee area is only 1.5 hectares.

Producer: Garzón municipality. Varietals: Caturra, Castillo. Notes: Orange, Brown Sugar, Caramel, Cherry. Body: Heavy. Acidity: Bright. Elevation: 1670-1800m. Processing: Washed.

Bike park blend

Bike parks are an integral part of the mountain biking scene. From world-class sites like Whistler in British Columbia to Rotorua in New Zealand (and everything in between) there is no other experience like days on end of lift-assisted runs, big air, cramped hands, sketchy rocky lines, massive berms, drops, smiles, high-fives, whoops, and crashes ... this is what bike parks are all about. Instead of naming this coffee blend after one particular trail or park we wanted to dedicate it to all bike parks out there. Thank you for being rad.

The Bike Park Blend consists of 50% Guatemala Candelaria + 50% Colombia Huila Garźon. See descriptions above.


Country: Honduras. Region: Guama Danta has well-defined wet and dry seasons, contributing to proper flowering and fruit development. Although transporting coffee to drying stations often becomes challenging during rainy days, the producers have banded together to install solar dryers to ensure their coffees dry uniformly and that quality remains high. In this region, Volcafe holds the highest concentration of single producers delivering coffee to its warehouse in Comayagua. Facilities, warehouses and drying stations have all been adapted to assist producers of specialty coffee.

Producer: 87 farms contributed to this community lot, most farms are between 2-3 hectares. Varietals: Lempiras, Caturra, Catuai, IHCAFE 90, Catimor. Notes: Cherry, candied limes, baking spice. Body: Creamy. Acidity: Bright. Elevation: 1500-1700m. Processing: washed.

"Guama Danta brings balance to the palate. It has a consistent and solid combination of fruity flavors, with a silky body and spiked acidity. With each of the 87 producers adding their own ‘spice’ to the lot, the complexity and richness of flavor shines. The brown sugar, vanilla and strong, balanced body make this lot an all-time favorite.”

Trail Builders BLEND

You've heard of the adage "no dig, no ride." Trails don't get built by themselves. Sure, in times past mountain bikers used to ride old cattle or horse trails which would eventually become designated mountain bike trails but they are a far cry from the meticulously hand-crafted (and machine-crafted) trails of today. There has never been a better time to be a mountain biker than right now. As much of that is related to technological advancements in the bike industry the same can be said for trail building (and maintenance) techniques. So we wanted to dedicate a coffee to all of you who spend endless hours shoveling, digging, smoothing, and raking our trails. Thank you.

The Trail Builders Blend consists of 50% Honduras Guama Danta Reserve+ 50% Colombia Huila Garźon. See descriptions above.


You're out on the trails with a bunch of friends. You've reach the top of the climb and the fresh smell of a golden sunrise hits your nose. It's a cool fresh morning and the silence of nature is all around. Deer are rustling in the distance and birds chirp above you as they wake for their day. You're about to drop into one of the best descents you've ever experience and everything is all about that moment. But first, relax, and make a brew of Eskapee and share it around.

Country: Mexico. Region: Comalapa, Chiapas. Comalapa is a municipality within the department of Chiapas in southern Mexico, on the border of Guatemala. Chiapas coffees are known for their mellow nutty sweetness and gentle citric acidity.

Program: Regional Select. The Regional Select program was started as a way to highlight unique profiles found to be innate to specific regions within coffee producing origins. These inherencies are often due to processing legacy, variety prominence, and overall terroir. Additionally, this program allows for numerous small farmers to contribute to a larger offering through the selective blending of their coffees.

Farm: Various smallholder farmers. Varietals: Typica, Bourbon, Caturra. Notes: Toffee, chocolate and almond flavors with citric acidity and an herbal aftertaste. Elevation: 1300 - 1400m. Processing: Washed.