I like to create and start things. Maybe it's because I started off university studies as an art major. Art is about creating from scratch. A blank canvas is where it begins. However, I'd say that for me even beneath the surface of all of this is a natural curiosity. I like to create and start things because I'm curious.

In my mind I see starting Loam Coffee in the same light as creating a piece of art. Instead of beginning with a blank canvas it begins with an idea. That's how art works, right? Michelangelo (not the ninja turtle) would see his creation in the block of stone before he'd first set his chisel to its surface. Loam Coffee was born out of the questions "what if?" and then "why not?" It was like the idea was there and then the chisel and hammer were picked up to begin pecking away at the stone.

Building a brand really then is the continuation of the chiseling process. Art is still being created. The painting has only just begun. In other words, when Loam Coffee "started" it wasn't a proclamation that the art piece is finished. Instead, it was a declaration that the first brush stroke has added color to the blank canvas.

I've found that building the brand of Loam Coffee just as exhilarating (or more) than the initial idea to start it. As in any artwork as well, what you see is a reflection of the one who created it. Loam Coffee is not about sensationalized hype, click bait tactics, or even pushing the right buttons to get you to consume beyond your means because that's not who I am. What it is becoming is a brand about simplicity, authenticity, and hopefully over time about diving deeper issues related to mountain biking and even where we ride our bikes which is tied to economic development in struggling communities, equity, access, and more.

In the midst of roasting and selling coffee, keeping active on social media, and interacting with you all this is one of those pause moments to stop, reflect, assess, share with you more about our story, and be true to our brand. Thank you for journeying with us.

Words by Sean Benesh, Loam Coffee Founder and Brand Manager. Photo by Jason O'Neil