It's a lament felt by many who fall in the purview of the bike industry. We don't bike as much as we'd like ... or admit. As I've said before, although we're a coffee roasting company we actually identify and relate to the bike industry. The busier life and work gets one of the first things to go are extended road trips and mountain bike adventures. Sure, there are local road rides, gravel rides, and quick laps around the nearby bike park, but it is easy to get neck deep in the grind.

That's why today I had to get out.

No roasting. Just pack up the family and head over to the coast for the day. No plans except a general idea of where we'll head. Didn't check the weather because it didn't really matter. It was a day to get out and breathe.

After arriving in Manzanita we simply strolled through town, bought candy with our kids, drank coffee, window shopped, and made our way to the beach. When we got to the beach the wind was ripping across the sand and it was lightly raining. It didn't matter. We came to explore, to laugh, to be together, and have fun. And we did.

The coast has a magnetic draw. It is a magical place. The more tempestuous the weather the more I like it (probably because it means there are less people around). It has become a place for me to reset and unwind. Even as one who has to plan most every facet of his day, trips to the coast have at best generalized plans and ideas. Instead we're moved by whims, spontaneous moments, and what catches our eye.

I didn't think about coffee nor bikes nor 2018 goals for Loam Coffee. I was simply reminded again how spectacular of a place it is here in the Pacific Northwest. I got out and explored. Maybe you need to too.

Words by Sean Benesh, Loam Coffee Founder and Brand Manager.