What draws us to bikes? The same can be asked of coffee. While we may love the fitness that comes with mountain biking or the pick-me-up that coffee delivers in the morning, what ultimately draws us in is the lifestyle. The "scene," the friendships and camaraderie, events and races, and the overall culture of mountain biking is what we want and love to be part of. It lands us in a "tribe" or family.

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What About Coffee?

Wait, is drinking coffee a "lifestyle?" Maybe not in the same way that mountain biking is, but it certainly is. That's why in all that we do ... social media, our website, articles, etc ... what we're ultimately aiming for and communicating is the lifestyle behind coffee. Like a sweet mountain bike delivers us to amazing places and takes us on memorable adventures, coffee is part of our lifestyle.

Not only that, but coffee is an experience in and of itself. The whole process of brewing coffee in the morning is the experience that makes up the lifestyle. Once brewed (however you brew it), then we savor it.

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When we're camping or at a race or event drinking coffee then becomes a social phenomenon. Imagine it ... sitting around the fire, enjoying a cup of fresh-brewed Loam Coffee with your aeropress, and talking with your friends about what adventures await for the day. That is what we mean by coffee as a lifestyle.

Our job at Loam Coffee then is to roast the best coffee we can find to help you enjoy your lifestyle of riding bikes, drinking coffee outdoors in breathtaking places, and of course posting pics to share with the world. Thank you for being part of the Loam Family.

Words by Sean Benesh, Loam Coffee Founder and Brand Manager. Photos by Jason O'Neil and Aaron Lesieur