Progression is a hallmark in life. The same applies to both business and mountain biking. On the trail we're always trying to progress our skills ... bunny hops, clearing bigger gap jumps, manuals, more endurance, and so on. We ride for fun but we're also developing our own skills. At Loam Coffee we're always in the mode of figuring out how to do things better.

There will never be this sense that "we've arrived." We're progressing. That ranges from how we roast our coffee, where we source our green beans from, ways to be involved in and support the mountain bike community, and more. Progression and development are a constant reality. With that in mind we're excited to release to you ... or "rerelease" our beloved Fire Hydrant.

Not only does our Fire Hydrant come with a new coffee (Honduras Guama Fanta Reserve), but we've rolled out a new bag and look for it as well. If you're wondering, yes, we're moving in this direction with all of our bags.

More than a local DH trail on Mt Hood here in Oregon, Fire Hydrant has come to represent downhill mountain biking. When it came time to create a new bag, logo, and stamp we came up with goggles to symbolize this. We hope you enjoy the new look, but more importantly you'll love the new coffee. Here are the details:

Roast Profile: light. Country: Honduras. Region: Comayagua. Producer: 87 farms contributed to this community lot, most farms are between 2-3 hectares. Varietals: Lempiras, Caturra, Catuai, IHCAFE 90, Catimor. Notes: Cherry, candied limes, baking spice. Body: Creamy. Acidity: Bright. Elevation: 1500-1700m. Processing: washed.