When you think about it, we live in an incredible time in the progression of history. Born a hundred years ago and we would've missed out on the sport (and lifestyle) we've come to love ... mountain biking. Even on a yearly basis we see technological advancements within mountain biking as well as riders pushing the boundaries of what is deemed as "extreme" farther and father. It's almost comical to see late 80s DH races on grainy video footage ... narrow bars, sketchy brakes, short travel bikes, and wild clothes.

The same applies to coffee. Even though coffee has been around hundred and hundreds of years (some cite its origins of discovery to an Ethiopian goat herder in the 9th century) the way we drink it continues to rapidly change and progress. Even recently we backed a Kickstarter campaign for the new Cafflano Kompressor as well as purchased the Prismo by Fellow just this week. Both are adaptions of ways to drink coffee.

But sometimes we need to go old school for brewing coffee. Like riding a fully rigid steel frame singlespeed mountain bike there's something refreshing about the simplicity of something tried and true.

The moka pot is one such brew method.

With its origins dating back to 1933 the Bialetti moka pot is still used by countless millions around the world. The concept is simple and efficient ... add water into the tank, ground coffee into the basket, put the basket in the water tank, screw the top (collecting chamber) on, and place over a heat source whether a stove top, camp stove, or campfire. Within minutes you'll have a rich and creamy cup of coffee.

Tried and true. Simple. Why not give it a whirl!?!? They are inexpensive and variations can be found anywhere from thrift stores to Ikea to many places online. It's worth a shot. Time to up your coffee game. To see more specifics on this brew method check out the moka pot on our Brew Method page.