More than Monday it is today ... Tuesday ... where it begins really sinking in. The weekend is over. Monday is a jolt to the system. A shock. We're in denial. The weekend can't be over. So we fuss, fume, and post memes about Mondays and the weekend we just lost.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

I'd be the first to admit we inadvertently help fuel this notion that weeks are bad and weekends are good. On Mondays we're asking, "How was your weekend?" "Where did you ride?" And then by Wednesday we're posting, "What are your weekend plans?" By Friday it just gets ridiculous. Why do we think we only need to reserve our fun and adventures for only the weekend? I have a sneaking suspicion that for the most of us we don't.

Sure in the depth of winter going for an after-work shred is not always possible unless we have powerful night lights and stronger-than-normal will power. Now that days are long again (and even in the Pacific Northwest the sun is making more of a steady appearance) it is even more of a doable reality to pack so much fun and adventure into the week that we just might need to take one of our coveted weekend days to recover. Most of us work unconventional hours anymore it seems so with flexible schedules the opportunities are there for the taking.

However, if a local tear on dirt isn't always readily available or convenient there are other fun ways to make the most of your work week. I confess that most of my weekday riding is either on my commuter bike or gravel grinder over the lunch hour. But I've come to appreciate these times to work on things like long sustained climbs, riding greater distances, and even a chance to catch up on mountain bike podcasts such as The Dropper Post or the MTB Podcast. On my gravel bike it also means I'm on the hunt for dirt which makes a road ride in the city an adventure.

Lastly, with a good cup of coffee I take time during the week to catch up on reading my favorite MTB mags and articles such as Eskapee, Freehub Mag, Enduro MTB mag, etc. With a cup of my favorite Loam Coffee, or a new blend I'm working on, or a new single origin I'm sample roasting it goes a long ways to stave off the allure of the weekend by reading, dreaming, and planning.

Listen, your week doesn't have to suck. We may not have the prolonged epic mountain bike adventures like the weekend, but if we plan accordingly, sprinkle in some creativity, and fuel it with coffee we can make our weeks just as memorable and exhilarating as the weekend.

Words by Sean Benesh, Loam Coffee Founder and Brand Manager. Photos by Peter Dyck.