It is definitely that time of the year where many of you travel greater distances and embark on epic adventures. As temps consistently warm up (speaking from the PNW point of view) and we shift into summer mode many of you with jobs that keep you close to home Monday through Friday try and eke out travels on weekends, explore greater distances on long weekends, and use hard earned vacation time to push the boundaries even farther.

In your adventures near and far we have you covered for coffee ... travel pouches. Yes, travel pouches. If you're a minimalist, or at least one who doesn't want to be encumbered with excessive gear and planning, then travel packs make sense. At 28g of coffee in each you can throw 1, 2, 3 (or more) in with your Aeropress and hand grinder (or Cafflano Klassic) and hit the road.

Since space is a premium it is essential to go light and pack only what you need. With 28g of coffee for a pourover that will deliver 420g of coffee goodness (using a 1:15 coffee/water ratio). Ok, since we're now getting into measuring then you might want to pack a small scale. There are ones you can snag for $10 and under that are the size of your wallet (or smaller). However, you can go without. An Aeropress comes with a scoop which when it is filled is about 17g of coffee.

We love it when you share your own adventures with us. Keep tagging us with #loamcoffee so we can follow allow. Share with us where and how your brewing Loam Coffee on your travels and adventures. And to make life easier then be sure to pick up a 3- or 5-pack of our travel pouches (free shipping too). You'll then be able to have a variety of our coffees to take with you whether you're out on a weekend shred or an international adventure.

Bottom line: get out, play, and have fun! Share your adventures with us and drink coffee!