Marketing is an interesting beast. More so than simply showcasing one's products and creating awareness, it is about agitating the customer or potential customer. To create discontent or a problem that your product seeks to remedy. Not only that, but through sensationalism and click bait tactics to almost demand instant action ... and that action is to buy, to consume.

While it is essential for any brand in any industry to truly showcase their products and even carve out a growing following (which we're doing) the how becomes the critical component. From the very beginning I've always wanted Loam Coffee to informally adopt the WYSIWYG mentality ... What You See Is What You Get. That's us. Nothing to hide.

Maybe it is because my roots are in a nondescript small town in Iowa. No hype. No flash. Just a blue collar community with many fighting hard to eke out a living. A true lunch pail mentality. My Dad was an electrician at a meat packing plant all of my life growing up. When he came home his clothes had a certain smell to them. Most other families were in the same socioeconomic boat with only slight degrees of variation. As a kid you can't help but to be formed by your roots and upbringing. They shape you.

Those roots have forever been grafted into the DNA of Loam Coffee. White collar, blue collar, no collar it doesn't matter ... we're like you. Everyday we work our tails off. We believe that in the end those who grind will succeed. No shortcuts. It's a true meritocracy of sorts ... you earn what you grind for. This again is influenced by my upbringing where you work hard for your dream. Even to this day two and a half years into Loam's existence I've yet to take a salary or any income from Loam Coffee. That means like you I work hard to make it happen and juggle lots. Why? To build this company one bag at a time without getting over our head into suffocating debt. To instead focus on building something that will last.

So for those of us here at Loam Coffee what you see is what you get. No hype. no flash. Just coffee (and stoke).

Words by Sean Benesh, Loam Coffee Founder and Brand Manager.