Marketing is very interesting. On a daily basis we're bombarded with images, sound bites, videos, and appeals all trying to woo us over to buy something, watch something, listen to something, try something, taste something, and experience something. You can't even watch a 15 second Youtube clip without an annoying forced-upon-us 23 second ad. We're simply accustomed to it. We might even think that we're immune to it ... but we're not.

Enter Loam Coffee. Where do we fit into this? I mean, we are selling something ... coffee. We are advertising, promoting, and marketing through our social media pages, website, sponsored riders, and swag from tees to stickers to patches to hats. Are we just another slick and hype-infused collection of images, sound bites, videos, and appeals to try and get you to consume something you don't want or need?

Um ... who doesn't want or need coffee? But it is more than that. We believe that what we're ultimately about is (as our tagline states) "promoting mountain biking through coffee, stories, and stoke." We're here to help lubricate your mountain bike adventure lifestyle. Plain and simple. Can we make you a better rider? Probably not ... or maybe coffee will give you that liquid confidence needed to clear that gap you're intimidated by.

You see, while we do sell products our main goal is to help you in your adventuring, exploring, shredding, and fun. Coffee then is an accessory (in most cases a necessity) to your lifestyle.

So what's the point? This is simply another "peel back the curtains" kind of conversation to let you into our world. We have no bones about promoting our coffee to you. We even have no bones that everything is also about mountain biking. Besides, it is who we are. We need to stay true to ourselves. But we think you already knew that.

Words by Sean Benesh, Loam Coffee Founder and Brand Manager