And just like that the 2016 race season is beginning to wind down. There's one more stop on the Enduro World Series tour, the World Cup is over, and slowly but surely riders are making their way back home. Some are picking up life and jobs that were in place before the craze of race season. Now? Plans are already under way for the 2017 season. New potential sponsors, saving money, off-season training and weight training, and even taking a break from riding on dirt. So what else can you do to prepare for next season?

Pft, up your coffee game of course.

We've seen your campsites through social media and frankly, we need an intervention. Some of your coffee game is strong while for many ... whew, let's just say it is weak. Yes, we're throwing it down with you right now. Time for a change. Time for some off season training for your coffee.

Here's the good news. You don't have to drink bad coffee. Really. No more gas station coffee or k-cups or instant coffee. We've heard horror stories of some racers packing around a large tub of Folgers for the whole season. This is a code 5 intervention. Defcon 2.

Here's more good news. It doesn't have to be expensive. Actually, it's quite cheap. Here's a quick-and-easy guide to collect all of the supplies you need for next season ... ALL for under $70 which includes coffee. All of these supplies can be purchased via if you can't find it locally (which you should if you're in a city). Ready?

  1. Aeropress - $31.95 - Makes an amazing cup of coffee. Super light weight and compact. Even comes with a carrying bag. Check out our brewing guide for it.
  2. Hand grinder - $15.97 - We're a big fan of not spending an arm and a leg on a grinder. Here's a great ceramic burr grinder for cheap. Works great, compact, and even fits inside your Aeropress.
  3. Scale - $8.82 - Yes, time to get scientific. You already think that way when it comes to your bike, right? So why not do the same for the coffee? Using a scale ensures that you consistently have an amazing cup of coffee each and every time.
  4. Coffee - $12.99 - Of course, Loam Coffee. Why not pick up our new Fire Hydrant (Bolivia Amor de Dios) or travel pouches? Since it comes with free shipping (within the US) we can even have it sent ahead of you to your race destinations. Just saying ...

All that you need to do now is have some way to boil water. A pot and a campfire is good. If you want to be more techy you can get a Jetboil Flash (from $80). They work pretty spiffy.

So there you go. Spend your off season collecting these essentials and practice (or train) on them so that when next race season rolls around you're a well-conditioned and efficient campsite coffee maker.