We spend the winter pining for long dry summer days where we can ride late into the evening and log endless hours on the trail. Sure, we may complain about blown out trails and thick dust, but we love basking in the sun. This is especially true for those of us here in the Pacific Northwest where at times the sun seems like it is merely stuff of legends or a mythical creature like bigfoot or loch ness monster because it is almost never seen. We even use hashtags like #sunsoutgunsout as we revel in the glow of that giant orb in the sky that our planet hurtles around.

But fall is upon us. (gasp)

The leaves are changing and there is an extra crispness in the air. In the beginning we love it ... the extra moisture on the trails make them oh so perfect. The weather? Epic. But we do notice the days slowly begin their descent into darkness earlier and earlier. So what are we to do?

Drink coffee.

Yep. That's the solution. When fall is upon us we get a little geeked out because that means we find even more excuses to drink coffee. You see, there really is no bad time of the year to ride. Fall. Winter. Spring. Summer. With coffee as our ever-present companion we can take anything winter will soon be throwing our way.

Bring it.

(photo credit: Deanna Campbell)