Ahhhhh ... bike parks. Who doesn't love them? They are popping up all over the place in the US and Canada, Europe, South America, and more. If you're a mountain biker who loves lift-assisted runs, big bikes, hi-fives, big air, and lots of stoke then bike parks are the cat's meow. Leading up to the opening weekend of Whistler Bike Park this year it was fun to watch social media blow up in anticipation. Count-down timers, re-posting pics from last season, pics of tuning bikes, yearly passes purchased, and the excitement was tangible.

Whether you like the big ones like Whistler or your local bike park, what we do know is this ... they are changing how and where we ride. So here at Loam Coffee the "well duh" thought was simple, why not name a coffee after our beloved bike parks? Boom. Bike Park Blend.

Sometimes coffee roasters play the role of mad scientists. Not only do we tweak like crazy, experiment, and seek to nail down the right roast profile before we release a new coffee to the waiting world, but we also have fun mixing together different coffees. Our Bike Park Blend wasn't concocted in a laboratory with a storyline that was Marvel Comics worthy, it simply came about from dumping together the Mystery DH (Guatemala) and Boondocker (Colombia) when we had extras. As a result months were spent drinking it without noticing that we created a blend. After enjoying it came the realization ... why not share?

Next came the fun part ... designing the label. That's when we tapped the @ValleyMTBCrew to send us a photo that captures the essence of bike parks. Supporting this crew of shredders up in BC has been a blast. With the blend tweaked and finalized, labels and bags made, we've been off to the races now for a month with our new Bike Park Blend.

The next time you take a sip of our Bike Park Blend we hope that it reminds you of adventures past (and upcoming) at your favorite bike parks. Or maybe the next time you're soaring high above the trees on the chair lift taking you to the top you'll be reminded of the Bike Park Blend that you enjoyed that morning before meeting up with the rest of your crew at the bike park.