Trails are powerful. They hold the keys to our imaginations, adventures, and memories. We talk about them ... our favorites, the ones that consistently push us past our comfort zones, those where we crashed and burned, and others that are simply perfect for time alone outdoors. If you look back on your years of riding there are more than likely 3-5 trails that bubble to the top when you think of your favorites. They may not be popular or even destination-worthy, but significant for you ... you love them.

For a number of years I worked as a mountain bike guide in Tucson. One trail system in particular, the 50 Year Trail, still to this day is one of my favorites. In the world of all-things enduro- and downhill-focused trails here in the NW I still look back with affection on that xc-oriented trail. As a guide I counted one time that I literally had been on it over 600 times. Back then I rode short travel xc hard tails and too much lycra. Last fall I traveled back to Tucson and my top priority was to rent a bike and revisit the 50 Year Trail. It had been well over seven years since I rode it last. As I rode all of the memories came flooding back. 

We all love our trails. That's why at Loam Coffee we name our coffees after trails. They're not always the raddest ones but they all hold a special allure for a variety of reasons. In the past week we introduced not only a new coffee but new matte black bags for these new roasts. We're calling these our Rider-Specific Coffees. Each coffee is named after one of the favorite trails of our sponsored riders. Our first coffee out of the chute is the Mystery DH on the north shore in North Vancouver, BC. This is one of Thomas Shaw's favorites. Here is what he says about the trail:

It is an eroded, fast fall line trail used mostly by DH riders craving more speed than the shore generally has to offer and racers for good DH training. It has a variety of different terrain types from an old riverbed of rocks to twisting berms as well as a few jump/drop features. It's a fast and easily accessible shuttle with less than 10 minutes up and can be ridden in less than 5 minutes by the best riders. 

So what is the Mystery DH as far as coffee? It is our light roast Guatemala Atitlan San Pedro coffee. Most of our other coffees (white bags) are medium roasts but all of these new black bag ones will be light roasts.

You can now pick up this coffee by clicking on Coffee Selection. Keep checking back as we'll be releasing a few more new coffees ... Boondocker (Revelstoke, BC) and Fire Hydrant (Government Camp, OR).