There are radically different theories or approaches when it comes to brewing coffee. Heck, these completely diverse ways of thinking reflect a deeper philosophical approach to life. Not to try to play armchair psychologist here, but how you brew your coffee reflects much about who you really are. So what are those approaches? Let's tease this out, because it also reflects what kind of mountain biker you are too (doh!). Ready?

There's the (a) "wing it" approach to brewing coffee and riding. Measure coffee? Heck no. It's all about eye-balling the right amount of coffee and water and getting after it. This same approach is reflective in riding. This is the guy or gal who does little to tend to their bike ... muddy? Ah, it'll all shake off on the next ride. Lube and maintain your pivots after a wet riding season? Nah, just let the bike sit. Scope out potential unforeseen drops or gaps on the DH run? Nope, why bother? That's no fun.

You see, you know that guy or gal. Maybe you are them. The "wing it" person. When it comes to coffee every cup you brew is different. Sometimes it is dialed in and other times (most?) it tastes like catfish bait.

Then there's the (b) "methodical" approach to brewing coffee and riding. Yes, you measure your coffee. You have a scale and use it (and even a timer). You even take it camping and road-tripping. You scientifically play with your ratios of coffee to water ... 1:15 ... 1:16. Oh, and you also are obsessive about heating your water just right. You read blogs and online forums about whether you should heat your water to 202 degrees (F) or 205. When it comes to riding, this person is so obsessive about maintaining their bike you could swear they are a roadie and secretly wear lycra onesies around the house when no one is looking. The good news though is that this person's ride is always dialed in. Also, when it comes to new trails and terrain they attack it with such methodical ferocity you wonder if they're a cyborg ... always picking the right lines, perfectly clearing the gap, and are never the ones with mechanical issues on the trail.

So there you have it. See, it is pretty revealing about how you brew your coffee (and your approach to riding). We'd encourage you to pick up a scale (less than $10). That alone will revolutionize your coffee experience. You'll find yourself consistently making a stellar cup of coffee whether you're at home or around the campfire.