Let's be honest ... not all mountain bikers are created equally. They all have different loves, tastes, preferences, flares, routines, and when it comes to where to ride we all have our biases and go-to trails. Again, be honest ... you have different mountain biker friends that you tap to ride with knowing what kinds of trails they love and only ride. In theory we all should ride everything, but we don't. So when you feel like a shuttle day you hit up those friends. When you're feeling spritely and pedally you message those friends. Every trail has a different purpose and attracts different kinds of riders.

The same with coffee. We're all drawn to different coffee origins for a variety of reasons ... Colombia, Ethiopia, El Salvador, and so on. Usually we had some experience like a memorable coffee shop outing where we thoroughly enjoyed a well-balanced Guatemalan pourover, a road trip where we stopped for an amazing Brazilian drip coffee at some random small-town cafe, and more. Those experiences began solidifying our love for that coffee. Coffee and trails are similar in many ways. Preferences. Tastes.

We'd like to introduce to you our latest offering ... the Fire Hydrant which is our Bolivia Amor de Dios coffee. This features Loam Coffee Team Rider Kerstin Holster on the bag.

We met Kerstin just as we were getting going as a coffee company last year, back when we both only had a few hundred Instagram followers each. It was an instant connection. As we began the process of completely revamping all of our coffee offerings and switching to roasting exclusively in Portland it meant all new coffees with new names. We began talking with Kerstin about what trail to name her coffee after since we are featuring each of our Team Riders on the bags. While there are many local DH trails to choose from she picked Fire Hydrant.

Fire Hydrant is up at Skibowl on Mt. Hood. According to the MTB Project the "Fire Hydrant Trail begins with a pedally split off of Gnar-Gnar before hooking a right into a short but enjoyably rough rock garden. The rest of the trail is made up of rapid sweeping berms with the occasional rougher section." We're excited to release this new coffee to you all. It's already been a big hit! Here are the coffee details:

Roast Profile: light.

Country: Bolivia.

Region: Taypiplaya, Caranavi.

Farm: Amor de Dios.

Varietals: Bourbon.

Notes: Toasted oats, candied nuts, brown sugar and raisins.

Elevation: 1600-1750m. Processing: washed, sun dried.