What is Loam?

loam /lōm/ - "a fertile soil of clay and sand containing humus." In mountain biking terms "loam" signifies epic trail conditions found here in the Pacific NW.

Loam has come to symbolize what mountain biking in the Pacific NW is all about. The soil, the wet climate, the built features, massive berms and table tops, moss covered rocks, and mud. Loam Coffee is about promoting mountain biking here in the NW through coffee, stories, and stoke. But not only in the PNW. We're here to promote mountain biking wherever there's mountain biking to be had! We are mountain bikers. We ride. We drink coffee. We are doing so to continue to promote riding here and share stories not only with locals but for those who venture here into the NW whether exploring the network of trails at Post Canyon in Hood River, Oregon or dropping in on A-Line in Whistler, British Columbia.

What are we about?

Our mission is to create new businesses and opportunities around our passions for coffee and cycling. We believe that when we come together and leverage our assets within the mountain bike community it creates jobs, builds trails, fosters growth and brings life where it was declining.

Our dream is to see our passions come together to bring a positive change everywhere we go. Whether it's sitting in our neighborhood coffee shop or ripping down our favorite trail.

Will you join us on the ride?


Loam Coffee Crew

Photo Credits

What makes this website awesome are the great photos. While some were shot with a regular ol' iPhone 4 the best pics come from amazing photographers who're passionate about bikes ... and coffee. Shoutouts to Jason O'Neil, Aaron Lesieur, Deanna Campbell, Ruandy Albisurez, Jesse Cole, Graeme Paterson, Ian Houghton, Peter Dyck, Tina Gerber, Armin Wurmser, Grant Benesh, Shane Wiebe, and others to follow ...